Sikkim Khadi & Village Development Board.

The Sikkim Khadi & Village Industries Board was constituted in the year 1978 with the responsibility of development, promotion and expansion of Khadi and village industries in Sikkim.

Khadi as such has been defined by the Khadi & Village Industries Commission Act 1956, as any cloth woven on handlooms in the country from cotton, silk or woolens yarn hand spun or from a mixture of any two or all such yarns.

The main objective of SKVIB is to enlarge the items of its activities and also to increase the number of artisans, to raise the level of technology, to improve earnings, adoption of institutional finance, improvement in quality,  reduction in cost and above all, to create gainful employment in the villages. The Board has invariably opened a number of training-cum-production centres all over Sikkim.

Scheme of Financial Assistance: 

Further, the SKVIB is entrusted with the risk of providing financial assistance to institutions or persons engaged in the development and operation of Khadi & Village Industries and guiding them through the supply of designs, prototypes and other technical information. Apart from the financial assistance provided by SKVIB in the form of capital expenditure and working capital loan for various industries under its purview, other forms of financial assistance like addition working capital loan as pr prescribed norms, share capital loan to cooperatives, capital formation loan margin money scheme of KVIC, raw materials stocking loans, grant and loan for publicity and marketing campaigns, management grant, grant for training courses etc. are also available in accordance with certain norms and patterns.

Contact Details:

Address: Sikkim Khadi & V.I.Board,Deorali,737102