The market for beer in India was about 65 mn cases of 12 bottles each and was slated to touch 90 mn cases in 2002-03. In consumption, India holds the 29th position with the annual consumption growing by 8% per year. Per capita consumption of beer is as low as half-a-litre as against 128 litres in Germany, 129 litres in New Zealand and 116 litres in Denmark. Even China has a per capita consumption of 20 litres.

The Indian beer industry has shifted towards the strong beer segment. The ratio in mild-strong beer has shifted from 66:34 in 1993-94 to 45:55. In the mild beer, segment, Kingfisher, Golden Eagle and Royal Challenge are the main brands. In the strong beer segments Haywards 5000, Haywards 2000, Knockout, Khajuraho are dominant. In the standard segment of over 55 mn cases, United Breweries has the lion’s share.