Minister’s Message

Shri.Bedu Singh Panth
Hon’ble Minister

The role of Industrial establishments in providing opportunities for employment to the people of Sikkim cannot be overstated. Industrialization must play an important part in employment generation as well as contributing in meaningful ways in social welfare development of the region that they are located in. The Commerce and Industries Department of the Government of Sikkim is Responsible for providing the environment for investors to come to Sikkim to set up industries units consistent with the conservation norms that are being followed in the state.

While the growth of large industries and mega projects in the state has been phenomenal over the last few decades, the development of local entrepreneurship has not received much attention. It will be the new government’s endeavour to promote Micro. Small and Medium Enterprises in Sikkim and focus on entrepreneurship development. At the same time, the government will promote “Ease of Doing Business” to ensure that the new entrepreneurs do not face difficulties in setting up their units and to streamline permission and regulatory frameworks. Concessions available to units under schemes of assistance to states of the North East Region will be facilitated. The Commerce & Industries Department will work in tandem with the counterpart Ministries of the Government of India towards achieving these goals.

In the area of Commerce, the Indo-China border trade will be reviewed to improve facilities for trades and to expand its scope. Augmenting of international exports of items like Temi Tea, Handlooms and Farm Products unique to Sikkim will be explored with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of the Government of India. Expansion of the Tourism Industry with investment from outside will be pursued vigorously and all efforts will be made to engage agencies FICCI, CII, PHDCCI