Border Trade at Nathula

The border trade via the Old Silk Route at Nathula reopened on the 6th of July, 2006 amidst huge expectations of improving the relation between the two upcoming superpowers of the world, India and China. It was also expected to help in achieving economic prosperity in the areas surrounding the Nathula Pass in both the countries. The Border Trade remains officially open for about six months every year from May to November.

The State Government also requested for change/ revision in the list of export/import items for Nathula Border Trade.The consolidated items in the list as per the revised Public Notice No:110/2009-2014(RE-2010),dt:7th May,2012 are:

  1. Items of import: 1.Wool 2.Goat Cashmere(Pasham) 3.Goat Skins 4.Sheep Skins 5.Yak Tails 6.Goats 7.Sheep 8.Yak Hair 9.Horses 10.Salt 11.Borax 12.Szaibelyita 13.China Clay 14.Butter 15.Silk 16.Ready made garments 17.Shoes 18.Quilt/Blankets 19.Carpets 20.Local Herbal Medicine.
  2. Items of Export: 1.Agricultural Implements  2. Blankets 3.copper products 4.Clothes 5.Textiles 6.Cycles 7.Coffee 8.Tea 9.Barley 10.Rice 11.Flour 12.Dry Fruit 13.Dry and Fresh Vegetables 14.Vegetable Oil 15.Gur and Misri 16.Tobacco 17.Snuff 18.Cigarettes 19.Canned Foods 20.Agro Chemical 21.Local Herbs 22.Dyes 23.Spices 24.Watches 25.Shoes 26.Kerosene Oil 27.Stationery 28.Utensils 29.Wheat(Ua & Buck) 30. Processed Food Items 31.Flowers 32.Fruits and Spices 33.Religious Products such as beads,prayer wheels,incense sticks and butter oil, lamps 34.Readymade garments 35.Handicraft and Handloom Products 36.Local Herbal Medicine